MBS Precision Pilates & Wellness

Kim Wallace, Owner & Pilates Mentor/Trainer

Kim is a lifelong wellness advocate specializing in Pilates movement for over 30 years. Her dedication to her client's has proven successful due to her large following of students. Kim has worked throughout the nation teaching and mentoring pilates enthusiasts. She is attentive to her client's wellness and encourages everyone to be their best selves through focus and balance of the Pilates structure.

Kim began her health & wellness career in 1982 with Healthtrax International as a Regional Fitness Director. She became invested in Pilates education which was initiated through the BASI program, and recognized by the Pilates Method Alliance. Kim is Certified through Kore Pilates, NASM,and is CPR/AED certified.  

Having always been fascinated by the correlation between physical health and overall wellness, Kim has continuously educated herself through perpetual life experience, spiritual workshops and educational pilates retreats which has given her the ability to "realize and visualize" clients needs. Understanding how to connect body, mind and spirit has allowed Kim to bring vitality, strength and beauty to the lives of my clients. Additionally, her attention to the pilates method has proven results with client’s through testimonials of increased level of mental clarity, leaner muscles and better posture.