Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, Inc.

Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, recently renamed from Avellyn Pilates, has  2 beautiful locations: a boutique studio on Park Avenue in Manhattan, and a newly expanded studio in Brooklyn Heights.  There, the instructors and BASI students work with their partnering facility: Physio Logic Chiropractic & Physical Therapy- A multi-disciplinary rehabilitation office with a Pilates based Physical Therapy program, they recently became the NY partner office for Mid-Atlantic Prosthetics.  Physio Logic Pilates & Movement, the proud BASI Pilates certification center of NY,  offers private training, a brand new group apparatus class program, and in the works is  "B Bodies," where BASI students and the public can have a shared teaching and learning experience. Next year, they plan to launch "SIO Space" as a base for dancers and choreographers to integrate with each other and the community.   

These thriving family owned and operated state of the art facilities are home to the most talented, inspiring, passionate doctors, therapists, instructors, students, and clients. Together they effortlessly create a non-intimidating, progressive, welcoming, balanced, and often humorous environment.