Pilates with Suzanne

One of the first Pilates studios in Colorado's Pikes Peak region, Pilates With Suzanne has been providing skilled Pilates instruction since 1997. Residents of the Pikes Peak region tend to be active, even well into retirement years- they ski, hike, bike, run, or play golf. That's why Pilates With Suzanne emphasizes that clients can get results, restore their fitness, and get back to life!

All classes are taught by owner Suzanne Smith, a PMA-Gold Certified Instructor. Clients receive extremely individualized instruction on the Reformer, Cadillac, Wonder Chair (aka Wunda Chair), and Step Barrel (aka Spine Corrector).

Because Pilates is a form of exercise therapy, Suzanne strives to support clients' fitness goals with safe, yet challenging workouts. Clients get a balanced, full-body workout to achieve strength, flexibility, coordination, agility, and endurance- all while addressing their individual needs and goals. Over time, clients discover an enhanced body awareness and control, gain unrestricted range of motion, and improve their posture and balance.

Backed by the latest, in-depth special training, Suzanne is certified in advanced exercise therapy to address a variety of structural conditions and special needs. Conditions include arthritis, osteopenia and osteoporosis, disc condition (bulging or herniated), degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, spinal fusion, and joint replacement.

Each holistic 60-minute workout exercises the entire body in an integrated way, while incorporating specific exercises to address clients' individual needs, conditions, and goals. Clients make progress- and get results!