Host Studios

BASI® programs are held in leading studios around the world.

BASI is proud to have an exceptional group of leading studios that offer teacher training and advanced education programs.

Each BASI Host studio is chosen according to stringent requirements, including superior facilities, ample equipment and, most importantly, compatibility with the BASI principles of quality, caring and hard work. Host studios serve as educational centers and are available for student practice, observation and practice teaching, in addition to the study component of the course.

Today, BASI Host studios can be found in 30 countries on every continent. We continue to expand our network of Host locations, while never compromising the quality of education that our students receive. BASI Pilates provides a personal and unique experience to the individual interested in a solid and intense learning experience.

Interested in becoming a BASI Host?

BASI is actively looking for new hosts, studio owners that are motivated and eager to grow their studio business. Becoming a BASI host studio will also increase your visibility within the global Pilates community by collaborating with other high quality Pilates professionals. Hosting BASI Pilates programs also presents a great opportunity to set the highest standard for Pilates education in your area.

BASI Hosts receive discounts on select BASI products and equipment along with participation in BASI conferences and special events.

To discuss the opportunity of partnering with BASI Pilates please contact Jamie Horn

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